Folded Petal Ribbon Flower


Five Folded Petal Flower

In making this flower you use the folded pieces of ribbon.

 Take 3×1 inch piece of ribbon and fold it in such a way that both the cut sides are joined.

Now join all the five folded petals with a running stitch using a needle and thread.

Then pull the thread and secure the two ends with a knot.

Secure the petals with multiple stitches at the back of the flower and decorate it with pearls in the center. Enjoy!


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  1. That is so cute! I was researching how to make hair accessories (especially flower hair bows) and came across your blog. I would have never thought to use a ribbon that way! Where do you get your supplies? I get my ribbons from a site called Ribbons and Bows Oh My (gave you a link) but I usually just use the ribbons for my gift packages. I always knew they had a lot of hair bow making supplies but didn’t know what to buy and where to begin. My niece would love this for a Christmas gift in her stocking and I may make some flower headbands for my sisters and I.

    • Thanks Maria. I live in Pakistan and here we have plenty of local stores which offer a wide range of ribbons and supplies. I am thinking of making all the ribbon flowers with fabric also just for fun.

  2. Hi ,
    I have been looking for some easy tutorials on how to make flowers out of ribbon , that is when I came across your site.
    I would like to know if you could show us how to make different leaves . It looks very beautiful. Simple & easy.

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