Folded Ribbon Flower


Folded Petal Ribbon Flower

To make this beautiful flower we need to make each petal separately.

Take 3×1 inch piece of ribbon and fold it at 90 degree angle at the center. Then fold it in the manner that it is folded into a hut shape.

Now stitch the loose ends folded upon each other with running stitches and join all the six petals.

Pull the thread and secure the ends with a knot. secure each petal with thread and needle at the back of the flower. Stitch four peals at the center of the flower and enjoy!


Ribbon Flower Variation


Some more variations of Ribbon flowers I know.

Fabric Flowers


Starched Fabric Flowers

I saw some paper flowers made in this way and tried them in fabric. I hope you like the result.

Take a piece of 3×6 inches of starched fabric and make small pleats into it as shown in the picture.

Then pinch the pleated fabric from the center and secure it with thread and needle.

Glue the opposite ends on both sides to make a circular shape as shown in the picture above.

Make a circular yo yo and paste in the center of the flower.

We can stack one circular flower on the other and have a variation.

Ribbon Flower Making


Satin Ribbon Flowers

Making ribbon flowers has always fascinated me and after learning the basics I have tried my hand successfully to make gifts for friends and family. Making ribbon flowers have been a source of pleasure for me and a way of relaxing my tired mind as the poet has said, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.”

Ribbon Rose.


Take 24 inches of 1inch wide satin ribbon =1×24.

Use needle and thread and do running stitch from one side to the other like a U.

Tie one end into a knot and pull the thread from the other side to create gathers as shown in the picture.

Hold the knot in your hand and roll around it the rest of the gathered length of the ribbon. Knot should remain in the center of the rose.

Arrange the layers at the back of the flower and use the needle and thread to secure them.

Enjoy your ribbon rose!

Craft Beautiful Things


It is always a pleasure to make new beautiful things to enrich our environment. From Gardening to Origami all the crafts help us to relax and enjoy creating something with our own hands. I am entering into the community of the bloggers to share what I have learned over the years. I hope this blog will help me to enhance my creativity and will give me opportunities to learn to make new beautiful things. I will soon start sharing with you all how to make things that I like.